Where to stay on the Big Island?

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Just dreaming of the sun, sea, and sand of the Big Island in Hawaii? Planning your perfect getaway starts with finding the right place to stay. With so many options available, choosing the best accommodation can be overwhelming. But fear not! In this blog post, we will guide you through the different regions on the Big Island and the best places to stay in each, helping you make the most of your Hawaiian vacation. Whether you’re looking for luxury resorts, cozy beachfront cottages, or budget-friendly accommodations, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect home away from home on the Big Island!

Key Takeaways:

  • Kailua-Kona: Offers a range of accommodation options from resorts to vacation rentals and is a vibrant town with numerous restaurants and shops.
  • Hilo: Known for its lush surroundings and access to Volcanoes National Park, it offers unique bed and breakfasts and is perfect for those wanting a quieter experience.
  • Waimea: Ideal for those looking to explore the island’s upcountry, this area boasts luxury resorts and vacation homes with stunning views of Mauna Kea.
  • Puna District: Offers a more off-the-beaten-path experience with vacation rentals and boutique accommodations, perfect for travelers seeking seclusion.
  • Kohala Coast: Known for its pristine beaches and luxury resorts, this area caters to those looking for a pampered and relaxing stay on the island.

Exploring the Big Island Regions

Kona Side: Sunny Delights and Adventures Galore

On the western side of the Big Island lies Kona, a region known for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and a plethora of adventurous activities. From snorkeling in crystal-clear waters to exploring volcanic landscapes, Kona offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers seeking excitement and relaxation.

Hilo Side: Lush Scenery and Local Vibes

Vibes of the eastern side of the Big Island contrast with its western counterpart with its lush greenery, stunning waterfalls, and a strong sense of local culture. Hilo is a charming town where you can immerse yourself in the Hawaiian way of life, from enjoying fresh produce at the farmers’ market to learning about the island’s rich history at local museums.

To truly experience the beauty of the Hilo side, be sure to visit attractions like Rainbow Falls, Akaka Falls State Park, and the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Visitor Center. Additionally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try traditional Hawaiian cuisine at local eateries and interact with friendly locals who are always eager to share their love for the island.

Accommodation Types for Every Traveler

All visitors to the Big Island have a variety of accommodation options to suit their preferences. Whether you’re looking for luxury resorts, cozy bed & breakfasts, or budget-friendly options, the island has something for everyone. Check out the table below for a breakdown of different types of accommodations available. Assume that for more details and recommendations on where to stay on the Big Island, you can visit Where To Stay On The Big Island: Maximize Your Vacation ….

Luxury Resorts Indulge in paradise with top-notch amenities and stunning ocean views
Cozy Bed & Breakfasts Experience a homely atmosphere with personalized service and local charm
Vacation Rentals Enjoy the flexibility of a private space with all the comforts of home
Hostels Perfect for budget travelers seeking a social atmosphere and shared accommodations
Campgrounds Immerse yourself in nature with camping options near beaches and volcanoes

Luxury Resorts for Indulging in Paradise

On the Big Island, luxury resorts offer a taste of paradise with lavish amenities, world-class dining, and breathtaking views. Pamper yourself with spa treatments, relax by the pool, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the island’s landscapes. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself to a luxurious getaway, these resorts provide an unforgettable experience.

Cozy Bed & Breakfasts for a Homely Feel

With cozy bed & breakfasts scattered throughout the Big Island, travelers can enjoy a homely feel and personalized service during their stay. Wake up to a delicious homemade breakfast, chat with local hosts for insider tips on the best spots to explore, and relax in a comfortable and inviting environment. These charming accommodations add a special touch to your island getaway, making you feel right at home.

Every traveler can find the perfect accommodation on the Big Island, whether you prefer luxurious resorts with all the amenities, cozy bed & breakfasts for a homely feel, or budget-friendly options like vacation rentals or hostels. With a range of choices to suit every taste and budget, your stay on the island is sure to be a memorable one. Plan your trip now and experience the beauty and hospitality of the Big Island firsthand!

Budget-Friendly Options

Hostels and Guesthouses for the Thrifty Explorer

Hostels and guesthouses are excellent options for budget-conscious travelers looking to explore the Big Island on a shoestring budget. These accommodations offer dormitory-style rooms or private rooms at affordable rates, making them perfect for solo travelers or those on a tight budget. Hostels often have common areas where guests can socialize and plan their island adventures together, creating a sense of community among fellow travelers.

Vacation Rentals for a Home Away From Home

Any vacation rentals on the Big Island can be an excellent choice for budget travelers looking for a more homey experience. Whether you’re traveling with a group or prefer the comforts of a kitchen and living space, vacation rentals offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional hotels. Many vacation rentals come fully equipped with amenities, giving you the flexibility to cook your meals and unwind in a cozy setting after a day of exploring the island.

To truly immerse yourself in the local culture and save money on dining out, consider booking a vacation rental with a kitchen where you can prepare meals with fresh local ingredients from the island’s markets. Vacation rentals provide a more personalized experience and a sense of being a temporary resident rather than a tourist, allowing you to live like a local during your stay on the Big Island.

Summing up

Ultimately, deciding where to stay on the Big Island comes down to personal preferences and what you want to experience during your trip. If you’re looking for luxurious accommodations and easy access to popular attractions, the Kohala Coast might be the perfect choice. If you prefer a more laid-back vibe and want to be closer to local culture and activities, the Hilo side of the island could be more your speed. Whichever area you choose, the Big Island has something to offer for every type of traveler. So pack your bags, book your stay, and get ready to explore the stunning diversity of Hawaii!


Q: Where are the best places to stay on the Big Island?

A: The best places to stay on the Big Island depend on your preferences. If you enjoy luxury resorts and beautiful beaches, then the Kohala Coast is perfect for you. If you prefer a more local, laid-back vibe, then consider staying in Hilo or the Puna district.

Q: What are some budget-friendly accommodation options on the Big Island?

A: If you are looking for budget-friendly accommodation options on the Big Island, consider staying at hostels, vacation rentals, or campgrounds. Another option is to look for hotels or Airbnbs in less touristy areas like Waimea or Captain Cook.

Q: Are there any unique places to stay on the Big Island?

A: Yes, there are several unique accommodation options on the Big Island. You can stay in a treehouse in the rainforest, a yurt overlooking the ocean, or a cozy bed and breakfast in a small town. For a truly special experience, look for eco-friendly resorts or boutique hotels off the beaten path.

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